Tibet Travel Permit Update For 2021-2022

Documents required to apply for the Tibet Travel Permit for foreigners living and working in Mainland China.

  1. Scan copy or clear image of the main page of passport
  2. Scan copy or clear image of Chinese visa or President permit
  3. Scan copy or clear image of one of the following document
    1. Work permit /Foreign Expert Certificate
    2. Company invitation letter (Including name, passport number, and date of birth)
  4. A letter issued by the applicant’s company or local police station or residential committee to prove that you haven’t left Mainland China within the last 3 months. This information can be written in the same letters as your company invitation letter.
  5. Screenshot of Green QR Health Code issued by the city
  6. Recent Covid-19 Nuclei Acid negative Test report(suggested within 7 days) and vaccination report if vaccinated. 

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