Tibet Travel News: Tibet Group Visa Cost Has been raised

What is the duration of the Group visa that I can apply to?
Can I get the Tibet Group Visa longer than my Tibet tour length?

Yes, you can obtain the Tibet Group Visa maximum for 30 days, but to obtain the 30 days Tibet Group Visa, you need to clarify it to your Tibet tour company right from the beginning, so that when they apply for the Tibet Group Visa invitation letter from the Tibet tourism bureau in Lhasa, they need to put the duration on the invitation letter.
On the Tibet Group Visa invitation form there are blanks to fill entry and exit date, the duration of your stay, so these should be filled based on your need, then the invitation form will be approved from the Tibet tourism bureau with their stamp and signature on it.
Then a copy of the letter send to the Nepal agent and they can apply for the Group Visa with your original passports.