Tibet Travel News: Reopening of Tibet Tourist attractions in Tibet

On the morning of the 30th, the reporter learned from the press conference of the municipal government that from May 1, 2020, 20 natural A-level tourist attractions, such as the Saga Ancient City Scenic Area and the Mount Everest Nature Reserve in Dingri County. In Shigatse, some scenic areas are not open for the time being, and the amount of tourists received in each scenic area is controlled within 30% of the approved maximum carrying capacity.

Summer in Tibet

At the press conference, Wu Huanmin, deputy party secretary and director of the Municipal Tourism Development Bureau, introduced the restoration and opening of the city’s natural A-level tourist attractions. He said that since the city’s resumption of production and orderly progress, the consumer market has gradually recovered and the tourism industry has gradually returned to normal operation. According to the requirements of the relevant documents of the central and autonomous regions, the 20 natural A-level tourist attractions in our city meet the requirements of relevant documents and meet the conditions for reopening.

Shigatse will earnestly implement the requirements of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government on the resumption of production and production, strengthen coordination and communication with relevant municipal departments, and ensure the smooth and orderly opening of various A-level scenic spots in the city. At the same time, strengthen inspections to guide cultural and tourism departments, scenic spots, and star hotels in various counties (districts) to improve various plans and plans to ensure a stable and orderly recovery of the tourism industry.

Mount Everest in Tibet

It is understood that from the opening date allowed by the government to December 31, Tashilunbu Temple Scenic Area (Level 5A), Everest National Park (Level 4A), Sakya Temple Scenic Area (Level 4A), Sangjuzi District Sharu The 8 scenic spots including Temple Scenic Spot (Level 3A) and Dingjie County Mucun Tulin Scenic Spot (Level 3A) will be free of charge to medical staff throughout the country. The medical staff needs to hold a doctor’s qualification certificate, nurse qualification certificate, and ID card to enjoy the free ticket. At the same time, in order to expand the city’s tourism internal market, promote consumption, and improve economic efficiency, the first “tourism + agriculture” pastoral complex in Xieze Village, Jujiang Village, Luojiang Town, Bailang County, Xigaze City, Xigaze Everest Agricultural Technology Innovation Expo Park It will be free for tourists.

List of tourist attractions (restored and opened) in Tibet.

County (district) Attractions Quality level Remarks
Tongmun county Achu Mountain scenic spot AA  
  Kaga hot spring tourism town AAA The indoor part is closed temporarily
Langtong Manor AA The indoor part is closed temporarily
Sakya Old Town AAAA  
Dingri County Mt Everest nature Reserve AAAA  
Kyirong county Gyepu Valley AAA  
Gyantse County Gyantse Fort AAAA The indoor part is closed temporarily
  Karola Glacier scenic area AAA  
  Pala manor scenic area AAA The indoor part is
close temporarily
Phalnang county Modern agricultural science creative exhibition garden AAAA  
Ringbuk County Yongzilu lake view AAA  
  Tsongka Yajiang Ecological resort AAA  
  Karpo Juga Folk village AAA  
Yadong County Duoqing Lake AAA  
  Yeti valley AAA  
  Natuila Rhododendron Scenic spot AAA  
Dingye County Chongzi Earth Forest scenic
  Dobuta lake scenic area AAA  
  Changmu Grottoes scenic area AAA The indoor part is closed temporarily
  Beauty lake scenic spot AAA  

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