Tibet Travel is the Greatest Pilgrimage

Tibet travel piligrim

Pilgrimage is practiced throughout the world, although as a devotional exercise it has been raised to a level of particular importance in Tibet. this may be because of the rich nomadic culture in Tibetan society; it may also be that in a mountainous country with no roads and no wheeled vehicles in the past, walking long distances became a fact of life, and by visiting sacred places en route pilgrims could combine walking with accumulating merit. To most Tibetans their natural landscape is imbued with a series of sacred visions and holy ‘power places’; mountains can be perceived as mandala images, rocks assume spiritual dimensions and the earth is imbued with healing powers.

The motivations for pilgrimage are many, but for the ordinary Tibetan it amounts to a means of accumulating sonam (merit) or tashi (good fortune). The lay practitioner might go on pilgrimage in the hope of winning a better rebirth, to cure an illness, end a spate of bad luck or as thanks for an answered prayer.

Anyhow, deeply religious practices and strong Buddhist culture is one of most special that can be experienced in Tibet. For many travelers, Tibet travel arrangement is neither an easy job nor a cheap cost, as there are lots of Tibet travel permit formalities that to be considered, but once you make your mind, Tibet travel is worth for that and you will gain an unforgettable experience for your life.

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