ET 0608 Tan Jessie

Migmar has good knowledge to share about Tibet. She is patient and attentive too. Driver Nyima is careful in his driving. However, vehicle condition is not so good for bumpy … Read more “ET 0608 Tan Jessie”

Tan Jessie

ET 0525 Ole Nielon

They did all they could to arrange what we want. … Read more “ET 0525 Ole Nielon”

Ole Nielon

ET 0622P11 Motor Group

It was group my friend and grateful to be with you. Tenpa exceeded my expectations! He was very professional and attentive our … Read more “ET 0622P11 Motor Group”

Motor Group

ET0622 Motor Group

Absolutly brilliant his knowledge was incredible and took time answering all our questions. Always helpful and on hand to hep out. Very polite and courteous. The trip would not of been the same without … Read more “ET0622 Motor Group”

Motor Group

ETG5 0716 Maria

Tsela is acknowledgeable guide and nice to listen to when he talks about the history and buddhism of Tibet. Tenor is a good driver. I never felt unsecure. He is also friendly towards … Read more “ETG5 0716 Maria”


ET 0713 Shija

Thanks for a great trio around Tibet. Norbu was very considerate and showed us all the important aspects of sightseeing spots. We thoroughly enjoyed this … Read more “ET 0713 Shija”


ET 0707 Joy and Family

Finally, high quality service was offered throughout the trip. There are small issues such as poor hotel room, water needs, etc addressed by guide immediately and effectively. Absolutely no hesitation about recommending you to our … Read more “ET 0707 Joy and Family”

Joy and Family

ETG2 0702 Violet Yu

Thanks to both Norbu and our driver for good trip. We didn’t get to do everything that was on the itinerary partly due to altitude sickness and partly due to the long distance covered. It … Read more “ETG2 0702 Violet Yu”

Violet Yu

ET 0619 Joonna

Norbu was very knowledgeable and patient. He took good care of us especially when our friend was unwell from altitude sickness. Driver was also friendly and brought us to visit his relatives which was one … Read more “ET 0619 Joonna”


ET 0611 Robert

They are very friendly, humorous with the heart on the right place. Our guide Tempa has excellent language skills and also excellent communication skills. Overall they are very helpful. Thanks a lot … Read more “ET 0611 Robert”