Tibet in June and through


Sunrise, Potala Palace, Lhasa

Tibet tourism starts from April and slowly grows thicker with the weather slowly warming up to a cool breeze under a clear blue sky by the end of May. The highest peak to travel Tibet is from August through to the end of October, but that’s when you will find almost more tourists (both foreign and Chinese from mainland) than the locals.

Booking a tour or vehicles during peak season are much more expensive and harder to find, especially licensed Tibetan tour guide or tourism number-plated vehicles. And the new Tibet travel Co-op has made it even more expensive during through June to October. So, booking a Tibet tour in June might sound a bit harsh about the expenditure and all but there are lot more to it than just the expenditure.

Tibet is naturally warm and a big happy environment to be in from June, there are more festivals in summer than any time of the year, and Tibet is most lively and active with festivals and songs to sing, the tourism season hasn’t come to the highest peak then which means more locals and pilgrims and more Tibet experience.

However, looking at the price the new Tibet Travel Co-op has set upon the vehicles hiring, it seems like the peak Tibet tourism season is going to slowly shift to the extreme ends of the year; April, May and November to mid-February. But the summers are not going anywhere, even with that price even with that kind of a price, summers will still be the best time of the year. Explore Tibet have the bests of Local Tibet guides and experienced driver that will make your Tibet tour an unforgettable memory for your whole life.