Chinese Name: 托林寺

English Name: Tholing Monastery

Tibetan Name:མཐོ་ལྡིང་དགོན་པ།།

Location: Few minutes walk from Zhada town, Ngari Region of Western Tibet

Opening hours: All-day

The oldest monastery in Ngari

Located in the northwest corner of Zanda County, Tholing Temple is a noted monastery in Ngari, built by the second king of the Guge Kingdom in 996. Tholing is Tibetan meaning ‘flying in the sky and never falling’. It was the main center for the translation of Buddhist scriptures and holding or religious ceremonies. Gradually, the monastery is faded after the collapse of the Guge Kingdom. Nowadays, the monastery looks not as grand as it was, but still a charming building set in the evening glow.

There are many ancient precious and well- preserved frescoes here. The structures and murals of the monastery are much influenced by Nepalese and Indian styles, so people see Tholing Monastery as a collection of various building styles and Buddhist statues manners. The white Hall and the 108 Pagodas which are all worth seeing. The Tholing Monastery complex has many rectangular buildings. Built of mud bricks, the style became the forerunner for similar temples built in the kingdom. Besides, there are many ancient, precious, and frescoes. Tholing Monastery is a great place to do the Tibet tours and you can write to us at [email protected] for any related information or inquiry.