Namcha Bawa is the one of most attractions of the Nyingtri prefecture that stands at 7,782meters above the sea level, literal meaning of the unique mountain is “the flaming thunderbolt”. For so many centuries, no one climbed until the year 1992, where Sino-Japanese team succeeded and become a dream for many mountaineers to experience the specialty of such mountains in Tibet. This mountain became one of the most famous destinations for many mountaineers in the world that stands less than 8000 meters but it remained so isolated for many centuries unknowingly to the world. Most of time the peak remains so cloudy that visitors rarely see the beauty, but during every autumn season, the secret of the peak remains so clear as the sky always give an extraordinary chance for the Namcha Bawa to show its beauty for visitors. One of the best views of the peak is from Serkyim La (4500meters) with so many zigzagged roads up to the greenish high pass. Snows covered top of the high pass with waving colorful prayer flags everywhere on the top of the pass, then in a distance the charming peak stands inside the Great Bend of Yarlung Tsangpo river. Historically and geographically popular in Tibetan history, the ideal peak stands at the center of other snow-capped mountains and the lengthy shoulders of the Namcha Bawa is also quite amazing if anyone watched from the top of the high pass. The forestry landscape of the Bayi (big town) near the peak is the only place that surrounds with perfect trees and flowers, many travelers like to spend the night there to enjoy the beauty and fresh morning air. People living in the town are friendly and charming with sweet smiles on everyone, locals love to sell goods with world travelers by speaking broken language in a full confident manner. Over all, the place is another amazement of the Nyingtri prefecture.