The Recipe of Making Tibetan Sweet Tea

A Tibetan hot spring experience is not complete without local refreshments such as Chang-barley wine, the local delicacy Tsampa, and Tibetan sweet tea. Tibetan sweet tea plays its foundational role in Tibetan culture, and Tibetan sweet tea is also the name of a Tibetan typeface. Some Tibetan friends love and are crazy about Tibetan sweet tea .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, introduces how to make Tibetan sweet tea to you.

The Recipe of Making Tibetan Sweet Tea

As you can control these steps, you can get a transcending feeling as if you were already in Tibet. The tea, along with milk and sugar are boiled together giving the tea a distinct flavor. In order to make this tea, we need some ingredients such as black tea, powdered milk or fresh milk and some sugars.

Firstly, you can put some black tea into a hop-pocket for filtration, and then boil the black tea in water, and then constantly stir the tea in order to mix the tea with water well about five minutes. Secondly, add some powdered milk or fresh milk into each pot. Whisk it slowly until tea and milk well blended, take out the foam on the surface at the same time. Thirdly, add some sugar into the pot according to your favor. Finally, we need boil the mixture again for 5 to 6 minutes. According to the color of the tea, some skillful housewife can judge its taste.

A taste of Tibetan food keeps you refreshed and give some relief from the heat. And I believe the sweet tea can tickle your Taste Buds. Discover new, enriching trips with in-depth, authentic Tibetan experiences with Explore Tibet.

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