Tibet Travel Experiences with Explore Tibet

Tour guide:
There’s no amount of words that can share how great Rooney was. Not only is he very knowledgeable about Tibet and it’s culture, but he’s such a genuine, caring and amazing person that I actually regret my trip being so short. I would have loved to spend more time with such an amazing person who is filled with amazing spiritual energy and brings with him a pure essence of calm and enlightenment. The best part of my trip was meeting Rooney. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

AMS- I struggled and used the oxygen. Rooney took really great care of me. Even Denton kept checking if we were warm and allowed us to use his blanket in the car. Rooney went above and beyond his duty to ensure we were keeping well.

Hotels –
1. Lhasa – no lift access and struggling to breath didn’t make breakfast on level 5 any easier.
If it was not for Rooney getting our luggage up to the rooms and back down would have been an Everest challenge for us.
The food was not that great for breakfast. It was not even on time so we had to skip 2 days to be on time for our tours. The people there didn’t understand English so it made it very difficult to ask for guidance around there. We even got lost walking back from Bakhor street.
The first 2 nights we had a great room. The last night we were squashed into a really tiny room that didn’t even have enough space to open 2 suitcases side by side. The shower flooded. I probably wouldn’t recommend this hotel to anyone personally.

2. Gesar-
The room was good but it was a smoking room. So the stench of smoke while you sleep was uncomfortable. And it was just everywhere in the hotel. You felt suffocated in that smoke stench in the lifts too.
Communication was a problem. If it was not for Rooney I wouldn’t have been able to get basic necessities sorted.
Breakfast was horrible. It was supposed to be a buffet. But we were served a plate of food that we don’t eat. So we left hungry that day.
Personally I wouldn’t return to this hotel.

Denton drove us around safely. We didn’t have any concerns about our safety.
I would recommend having some music options in the vehicle for those really long drives. It was really silent. Until Rooney worked out what music we listen to and used his personal phone to play some music for us.
Denton ‘s really funny and always happy. Brings a good vibe with him. I would recommend him too.

Tour plan:
I think it was a great plan but because I felt really unwell Rooney checked in with me after every stop to see if I wanted to do what was on the plan or bypass … giving me the flexibility really helped. He was really patient and caring and his concern was greatly appreciated.

Thank you for this amazing experience and for allocating Rooney to our tour. I feel blessed to have visited Tibet and meeting such an awesome person.