ETG2-0427-P2 Wilma Tibet Travel Story

Dear Kalsang,

We are back in Holland for one week now. It is hard to get the normal routine.
We had such a wonderful time in Tibet, thanks to Explore Tibet, you and Gyaltsen and Nobu.
It was a very special trip. Now we are selecting our photo’s to share with our family and friends to show and tell them what an incredible beautiful and interesting country Tibet is.

We left Lhasa on the 8th of may by train.
We were lucky with our softsleeper for 4 persons. Until the evening we were only with the two of us. That was so nice and peaceful, so we could silently say goodbye to Tibet.
We were really touched by the care, knowledge and love of Gyaltsen (and whole of Exploretibet) for Tibet.
Also your attention to my birthday was unforgettable. We appreciated it so much to have diner with the two of you.

We talked about the circular economy and Hans made you an offer to share with you his knowledge about this important theme for the pollution of litter in Tibet. If you ever want to know more or want some response or feedback on your projects, feel free to mail and contact us.

I put a review on tripadvisor and we will recommend your company to anyone else going to Tibet.
You asked for some pictures, so I chose some of the hundreds, I think you like to have (tourists with Explore Tibet guide). I made them in a smaller size, because I think you want them for your website. Feel free to use them and if you want a bigger size, I can send you if you ask for.

We gave the feedbackform of the trip to Nobu, hope you received that too.
You can use the testimonial in this mail.
We wish you all the best and hope your business will succeed.

With love,
Wilma & Hans

We just returned from a 12 day Tibet Tour organized by the Tibetan owned company Explore Tibet. It was outstanding, very well organized, fast and easy in communication and we had very caring en experienced guide and driver.

We had to adjust our trip because of the earthquake in Nepal, but the people of Explore Tibet were very agile to make a new arrangement and organize additional permits.

We chose this company because with Explore Tibet we could combine a group-tour and a private tour in one trip, which other companies couldn’t arrange for us. Beside that we appreciated the responsible way Explore Tibet organizes their trips. We really had a wonderful journey.