David Tibet Group Tour in May 2018

Guaranteed Departures – even with only one person in the Group Tour.

Explore Tibet’s Small Group Tour is the best way to travel to Tibet on a budget, without downgrading the whole Tibet experience

It has always been a problem for tourists on small group tours that are signed up to a set date of a group tour, when there are not enough people to complete the required number in the tour party, then most of the companies do not guarantee your departure to Tibet. Many tour operators, when faced with insufficient numbers to make the group tour worthwhile for them, they will cancel the tour completely or require you to join a tour on a different date that has the required number of people. Some will even require that you pay the full amount for the tour as if it was a private tour booking.

With Explore Tibet, this is guaranteed not to happen. We are the only company that will guarantee the departure date of your group tour, even if you are the only person signed up for that tour. Your tour will still go ahead on the set date, and you will not be asked to pay anything more than you were originally quoted for your Small Group Tour, as long as you signed up for the tour at least two months before the stated departure date.

Not only will the tour go ahead as scheduled, but there will be no downgrading of the services and accommodations, nor will there be any hidden or extra charges. Booking your Small Group Tour with Explore Tibet means that you are guaranteed to leave on your scheduled departure date, with no hassles.

We have had many people and painters sign up for our group tours in Ireland too and travel on their own due to no other sign-ups for that tour date and have received some great testimonials from our clients, you can read more on site www.dublinpaintingpros.ie. The most recent tour was in May 2018, when David James Gallienne from England took an 8-days overland tour from the Tibetan capital of Lhasa to Kathmandu in Nepal, via the Gyirong border crossing checkpoint. You can read his testimonial of the tour below:

Exceptional Explore!
Thank you so much to Explore Tibet for making my trip truly memorable. The entire tour was very well organized and the whole team made me feel welcome from the moment I arrived. Sherry was particularly helpful and efficient in helping me organize the trip and quickly adapted the itinerary when my flight plans changed at the last minute. My guide, Migma was very friendly, enthusiastic and highly knowlegeable, which helped me learn more about and understand your beautiful country. Highly recommended!

All the best and thanks again.

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