20130623-P13 Gaal Group reviews

Dr. Hector wrote: “Tsiang has been one of the greatest tourist guides, maybe the best I’ve ever had.
She has been so wonderful and patient, knows a lot of Tibet culture and was always very accessible.
Definitely one of the best elements of “Explore Tibet” has, congratulate for her!
I have been so happy with your service that I will recommend you always. ”

Susana Wrote: “I really like my guide, because she was always there when we where in troubles or when we needed something.

Gerardo wrote: “our guide was very good person with everyone of us. I felt really lucky to had this two persons(driver & guide) in our team and because of them I will recommend this travel agency. Thank you for everything!

Paola & Aida wrote: “we have lost our evaluation form. But we think that the trip was great. Tsiang offered a good service, she has a good English. She was really patient and nice with us. She was always there at time, she knows all the history about the places we visited.
The driver were good too, they were patient.
We think that our itinerary was really full, with a lot of monasteries but we are really thankful for the experiences.”

Maby wrote: “I loved the tour, our guide was always kind and answered all our questions with patience and she knows about what she’s talking about and loves her heritage and the places we visited.
I also liked very much our itinerary because it allows us to do a little bit of everything without being too exhausting.
Overall I loved everything and the attention received was admirable.”

Karen wrote: “The tour guide was fantastic! She was very patient with the group and helped us understood more about Tibetan culture. Overall the tour guide was wonderful and she made our trip even more amazing and unforgettable.
Best tour I’ve even been on!! If I have another chance to visit Tibet, I wouldn’t think twice, I would definitely come again, no questions asked.

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