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Sichuan–Tibet Railway, 1800km, is China’s second Sky Road after the Qinghai–Tibet Railway was used in 2006. The first segment from Chengdu to Kangding started in 2014, and the other end from Nyingchi to Lhasa began in June of 2015. From Kangding to Nyingchi is the last segment of Sichuan–Tibet Railway, which is also the longest and the most difficult part. This middle section is reported to start construction in 2018 and is expected to finish by 2025.

Once completed, passengers taking the train from Chengdu to Lhasa, passing by Ya’an, Kangding, Gangtuo, Chamdo, Nyingchi, will only spend around 13 hours on the train, while it takes 43 hours passing by Xining now, and at least 3 days to drive.

Sichuan-Tibet Railway Route

Sichuan-Tibet Railway Route

Taking the train to Lhasa is the most popular way among travelers who have been dreaming of viewing the magnificent landscape along the road to Tibet, especially when the 2-hour flight from Chengdu to Lhasa usually costs CNY1, 600, meanwhile, it’s a good choice to help travelers acclimatize to the altitude gradually on the high plateau. This railway project is a big support for China’s Great Western Development to boost Tibet’s economy. However, it must go through numerous difficulties and dangers and costs enormous financial and material resources.

tibet Train

Sichuan-Tibet Train is only going to be a 13 hours’ journey.

Once the project is complete, the China-Tibet train journey would have one option to choose between Xining to Lhasa or Chengdu to Lhasa. Explore Tibet has Tibet tour itineraries especially drafted for China-Tibet train travelers.