Samten Ling Monastery-Tibet.


Samding monastery is popularly known as Samten ling monastery in Tibet and one of Gelugpa sect in Tibetan Buddhism. The head of this monastery is a female reincarnation called Dorji Phagmo. A prominent figure in Buddhist realm. Its located on a peninsula hill of Yamdrok lake and southwest part of Lhasa.This lineage has a very inspiration history of Dorje Phagmo who sowed her nuns and fought with mongols and victor to prevent the  Mongol raid on the nunnery in 1716. The monastery was destroyed during 1959 and is in the process of restoration. The present Dorje Phagmo is residing in Lhasa with some significant power. Samten Ling monastery is also a historical tourist site these days. Many tourists are intentionally came to Tibet to pay a visit to this sacred site. 

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