Saga Dawa Festival begins in Tibet

The Saga Dawa festival, which falls on the first day of the fourth month of the Tibetan calendar to commemorate Buddha Shakyamuni, begins today on May 29 and will last for the whole Tibetan April.


It is believed by Tibetan Buddhism followers that Buddha Shakyamuni is born, passes away, and gets nirvana with Buddhahood in the fourth month of Tibetan calendar. Hence, Tibetan April is the most extraordinary month of the year for Tibetan Buddhists who would abide by the Buddhism commandments and practice virtues, following various religious rituals such as liberating captive animals in memory of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Since most Tibetans are believers of Buddhism, the Saga Dawa Festival has become religious festival with a mass character such as praying for harvest in the coming autumn and picnicking in parks, on riverbanks, and on lawns at mountain foot, singing and dancing.