Reting Monastery-Tibet.


Reting Monastery was founded by Drom Tonpa,Atisha’s chief disciple in 1057 and it was the first Kadampa monastery. Drom had brought some of the Atisha’s relics and remained until his own death in 1064.The founders of the Reting were known as Kadampa Geshes and latterly it had an important connection with the Gelugpa order and The Dalai Lamas.The abbotship of the Drom passed to his disciple Neljorpa Chenpo. In 1738 the seventh Dalai Lama appointed his tutor Ngawang CHokden as the abbot of Reting,whose successive incarnations became known as the Reting Rinpoche. The fifth Reting Rinpoche was responsible for discovering The Dalai Lama through a vision he saw in the Lhamo Latso Lake. The Sixth Reting Rinpoche died in 1997. Reting monastery is about 150 Km north of Lhasa.This is one of the prominent Buddhist site

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