princess Jincheng

Early in Tang Dynasty, Emperor Tang want to form an alliance with Tubo by marrying Princess to Songtsen Gampo, king of the Tubo Dynasty.Princess Jincheng married to Tubo after Princess Wencheng,pioneering the intermarriage between Han and Tibetan people.Besides,the harmonious,matrimonial relationships between China and Tibet has been great promoted at the same time.Thus,those beautiful legends about Princess Wencheng and Princess Jincheng still popular among the Tibetan people.Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, today introduces Princess Jincheng to you.


Princess Jincheng is a daughter of the king of Yong, and an adoptive daughter of Emperor Zhongzong of Tang.According to historical records,she was sent to Tibet in 710, then married to Mes-ag-tshoms, a kid who only six or seven years old at the time. She took a large quantities of gold to Tibet,some science and technology books,as well as some some skilled worker.These proficient skilled worker help the local people building house,raising silkworms, making wine,weaving and embroidering.These largely speed up the civilized process of Tibet.She was known in Tibet as Gyim shang Ong co, or, simply, Kim-sheng or Kong-co.Princess Jincheng also was a devout Buddhist.Five Buddhist temples were built after her enter into Tibet.

Princess Wencheng is a cultural hero for Tibetans, .During her thirty years in Tibet,she made great effort to make ally between Tibet and Tubo Dynasty.Based on her and Me Agtsom marriage,the harmonious,matrimonial relationships between China and Tibet has been great promoted.Untill now,she is still remembered and loved by the Tibetans.
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