Pricing announcement of animal’s transportation services by Tibet Mount Kailash Pilgrim Service Company

This is to announce to all the tourists, group of people or private that as per the Republic Of China’s Pricing law and the decision that made by concerned pricing department through their official research about the price of the animal’s transport services at Mt. Kailash

Porter Services during Tibet Tours

The Tibet Mount Kailash Pilgrim Service Company had reported these changes to the Market Supervisor at Burang County, Cultural Department, Tourism Department, and local Market Supervisor.

Loading goods on the Yak during Tibet trekking.

The detail changes in price are as follow:

Services 2018 (Price per day) 2019 ( Price per day)
Riding Horse CNY 240 CNY 410
Horse Leading man CNY 260 CNY 380
Yak CNY 240 CNY 340
Yak man(Generally one yak man for 3 yaks) CNY 260 CNY 380
Porter CNY 230 CNY 330

This announcement starts from 2019-5-6 to 2019-5-14, if you have any suggestions to the content of the announcement or need any clarification, please contact us through phone within the announcement period.

During Kailash Trekking in Tibet

Contact to:   Mr Jigme la          18889075050

                   Mr Choelhun la   13638976023

                                     From: Tibet Mount Kailash Pilgrim Service Company