One Of The Best Pilgrimage Tour-Mt.Kailash Tour-ExploreTibet.


The mystical Mount.Kailash with height of 6,714m stand as a diamond in the west and it is pilgirmage destination of several different religions in the world. Apart from its religious importance, this Mt.Kailash tour follow the footstep of devoted pilgrims to the magical land of western Tibet and expereince wilderness adventure with abounding wild lives and lonely nomads whose lifestyle remains close to what it has been for centuries. The thrilling Mt.Kailash and lake manasarovar tours across the dry and vast plain is bounded by Himalaya in the south and Trans-Himalayan in the north. Sandstone canyons and eroded valleys in the upper Sutlej is result of heavy erosion in the past centuries, and that simulate a treeless moonscape. This region abounds with wildlife, particularly after the monsoon season (July and August), herds of wild ass, Gazelle, Hodgson’s antelope, Marmot and different species of geese that can be seen along the route. The short excursion to the Guge kingdom offers a great chance to explore the ruins of ancient cities and temples that once comprised the Guge kingdom in 9th century are unparallel wonders of the trip; some temples are still intact and contain delicate murals and artistic motifs that count 1,000 years history.  For those who would like to go for Pilgrimage in Tibet. Kailash Pilgrimage is the best option and worth for you to tour.

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