New & DECREASED Transportation Rate Released – Tibet Travel News

Tibet Travel Price DecreasedAfter the 5 days lock down (18th to 23rd) on tourism in Lhasa and after what must have been a long meeting among the owners of Tibet Travel Co-op, the tourist transportation company has decided to take back a little from the giant leap they took on this year’s tourism transportation rate. Tibet Travel Co-op has released the new price rate, apparently, the price isn’t going to be like last year and earlier but it has decreased to a much better rate than what they made us expect. That puts us to a much easier place in negotiating with our clients, and makes our client more comfortable to book their Tibet tour with us.

Tibet Travel Co-op hasn’t yet confirmed the continuity of the new price rate to 2017 and on, they are probably planning to act on how the current new rate results, for which we are hoping that the price won’t go any higher if not lower.