Namtso Lake Of Tibet-The Holy Salt-Water.


Namtso Lake, which is located about 260 Km on the North of Lhasa, at 4,718 m (15,479 ft.) of altitude. In order to arrive to the Lake you’ll have to reach a mountain pass at 5,300 m of altitude and then descend to the Lake. It takes about five hours to get to the lake.

The road is new and not dangerous at all. The lake has five islands that were used for spiritual retreat. Namtso Lake is the second largest saltwater lake in China and one of the most beautiful natural sights in Tibet. It’s over 70 km long, reaches a width of 30Km and is 35M at its deepest point. When the ice melts in late April, the lake is a miraculous shade of turquoise the there are magnificent views of the nearby mountains.

Namtso Lake in Tibet

Namtso Lake in Tibet

The Nyenchen Tanglha (Tangula) range, with peaks of over 7000 m, tower over the lake to the south. The lake is at 4730M so you will need to acclimatize in and around Lhasa for a few days before heading this way. It is not unusual for the visitors to get symptoms of altitude sickness on an overnight stay out at the lake. Almost all travelers head for Tashi Dor, situated on a hammerhead of the land that just into the southeastern corner of the lake. Here at the foot of two wedge-shaped hills are a couple of small chapels with views back across the clear turquoise waters to the huge snowy Nyenchen Tanglha massif.

Nyenchen Tangla mountain Range-Explore Tibet

Nyenchen Tangla Mountain Range in Tibet

Your initial experience of Tashi Dor is unlikely to inspire visions of Shangri La. The poorly planned tourist base is an unsightly mess, ringed with barking dogs. The scenery beauty of the Namtso lake is preferred by all the visitors and its worth visiting during your Tibet Tour. The peaceful environment is filled with whisper of wind and roar of sea and birds are chirping in the open air. Walking around the holy sea would give you a sense of peace. You won’t feel or hear the honing sounds of cars, shouting of people all around and etc. but just peace;internal peace and joy.

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