Namcho Monastery-Tibet.



Although Jangchub Gyaltsen’s family was historically connected with the Kagyu tradition at Densatil monastery,Jangchup Gyaltsen himself was a monk in the Kadam tradition. It was around the Kadam monastery he founded known simply as Tsetang Gompa, that the village of Tsedang evolved. Changchup Gyaltsen’s successor however aligned themselves with the newly emerging Geluk school of Tsongkhapa. From oral information given by the Geluk monks at Namcho monastery,it would appear that this was the original monastery of Jangchup Gyaltsen.From Ganden Chokor ling, you continue a short distance uphill eastward toward Gangpo Ri. Ngacho monastery  is on your left. There are now twenty two monks at Ngamcho and restoration had begun. At the time of great 13rd Dalai Lama,the monastery was under the leadership of Serkong Dorjee Chang,one of the few Geluk Lamas of this century who disrobed in order to pursue advanced tantric practices. His son,Serkong Tsenshap Rinpoche,became an assistant tutor to many western buddhists. Images of both Lamas are found throughout the monastery. The ruin of a retreat complex connected to the monastery can be seen high on the ridge of Gangpo Ri.

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