Lets Establish A Harmony World By Respecting What Other Beliefs-Explore Tibet.


Tibet is known as land of Shambala and mysterious, simply because of its rich and breathing culture, mystical monasteries and spiritual environment that inherited from centuries and centuries. Lhasa, as the capital city of Tibet, has many famous sights like: Potala palace, Bakhor street, Johkang Temple, Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery. The following Lhasa tours and Tibet culture tours offer authentic experiences of Tibet by mingling among devoted pilgrims, blessed from ritual ceremonies and breathe in the heady fragrance of incense in the numinous monasteries. Travel to Lhasa typical Tibetan villages will show you Tibet through Tibetan eyes.We belief that “this mind,which is full of faults has one great quality-it complies with the way you train it so, we enlighten darkness with knowledge and make ourselves content with what we have currently without desiring what other have and feel sad and disappoint with ourselves”. This is the pure and true source of happiness. Religion is indeed very essential in our life,whether you are following whichever religion,each and every sect has its own way of teaching and the main mission of every religion is to benefit beings. Last but not the least, whether you belief in religion or not, its up to our own choice but it always possible and important to be kind and compassionate to all since we all desire a happy,peaceful and successful life until we breath on this earth. You and me have no different. you are neither superior to me nor me superior to you. Whatever i am now is due to the result of my past life and what i will become in the next life depend on my deeds and actions of present life. I respect your religion and you respect mine and we can live happily like brothers and sisters. May peace prevail on earth.

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