Latest News: Zhangmu China-Nepal Border Reopened

On the morning of the 28th, the press conference held by the Information Office of the People’s Government of the Autonomous Region that the freight function of the Tochigi Port was agreed by the Chinese and Nepalese authorities in May 2019. On the 29th May, the trial operation has been begun and the two sides will hold the opening ceremony of the freight function restoration at the reconstructed Zhangmu Port.

Nepal China Railway project has been agreed and it is under construction

At the same time, after scientific evaluation, the restoration of customs clearance at the Tochigi Port only resumed the freight function. To ensure the safety of personnel, ordinary personnel exchanges and border trade with each other were not carried out for the time being.

Border Town Zhangmu before the Earthquakes
Border Town Zhangmu before the Earthquakes

The Zhangmu Port is the most important road port on the Sino-Nepalese border, was once an important “window” for the friendly exchanges between the Chinese and Nepalese people. It has undertaken more than 90% of the trade volume between China and Nepal and played a role in promoting good-neighborly friendship between China and Nepal.

In 2015, the devastating earthquake in Nepal caused serious damage to the Zhangmu port, roads, and bridges, and the port was forced to stop operating. This caused a serious problem for the bilateral trade cooperation between China and Nepal. Once it was one of the best roads to do overland Tibet tours. It is one of the main Tibet tourist routes from Nepal to Tibet.

It is a common desire of the two peoples to create difficulties in resuming the opening of the freight function of the Zhangmu port. At present, the support for geological disaster prevention, road restoration and reconstruction, water conservancy protection, power security, joint inspection facilities restoration, and cross-border facilities reconstruction at the Tochigi Port has basically met the conditions for the resumption of freight function.