Kriti Gonpa-Amdo-Tibet.

Kasaya in Tibet Culture

The first Kirti Monastery founded by Kirti Rinpoche was in Gyelrang. These days the two main Kirti Monasteries are in Taktsang Lhamo and Ngawa region of Amdo. There are around 700 monks at Takstang Lhamo monastery and is located in the Zorge district, Sichuan Province.Rongpa Chenakpa, a renowned disciple of Tsongkhapa established kriti monastery in 1472 as a brance of Taktsang Lhamo Kriti Gonpa. And there are around 30-40 monasteries affiliated under the Main Kriti Monastery in Amdo. As of now there are around 2500 monks in Kriti Monastery. Kriti monastery is Gelugpa sect of Tibetan Buddhism and have disciples from all over the world.

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