To make your booking easy, secure and efficient, we accept two major ways of payment and you can choose any one of them that you prefer;

The order of the below payment methods is in the ascending order of transfer service fees.
1. PayPal: Charges 3.8% of the total amount. (higher)
2. Bank Transfer: Approximately CNY200-300 per transaction and for details please inquire with your bank, we recommend you use this method if your payment is above US$1500. (Lowest)

l There are always some differences in payment due to the fluctuation of the currency exchange rate, so we refer to the updated exchange rate at the deposit receipt.

l All the bank or PayPal service fees should be covered from your side, usually, they charge 3.8% of the service fee.

1. PayPal:
PayPal accepts all major credit cards and they process the payment for us within a few minutes. Either you can transfer it to our paypal account [email protected] or just click this link to pay quickly,  you can pay it with your Paypal balance or by credit card. (Note: as PayPal in China only accepts USD, if you send in other currencies, then PayPal will convert it into USD, and may there be some difference in the amount that we receive due to the different exchange rates, therefore we highly recommend you to pay the amount in USD)

2.      Bank Transfer:

Bank transfer charges a comparatively cheaper service fee than other ways of payment, it usually takes 3-5 working days to receive the payment on our account, so we suggest this for those who book the tour more than 20 days in advance.

Bank Transfer from abroad in Foreign Currency:
Please make your international transfer in foreign currency to the below account (this account doesn’t accept CNY/RMB)
Name of the Bank: Bank of China (Tibet Branch)
Beneficiary Name:  Explore Tibet International Travel Co.Ltd
Account Number: 138812909514
Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ900
Bank Address: Linkuo Road West #7, Lhasa Tibet. China
Bank Phone Number: +86-891-683 5030

Bank Transfer within China by Chinese Yuan:

Name of the Bank: Bank of China (Tibet Branch)


Bank Account: 6217857900001625960


Bank Address: Linkuo, Road West 7# Lhasa Tibet, China
Bank Phone Number /Fax: +86 891 683 5030

If you are in Mainland China, the bank may ask for the bank information in Chinese. Below is our bank information in Chinese.



帐号:6217 8579 0000 1625 960

Important Note For International Bank Transfers:
Please write “Explore Tibet” as remittance information on the bank transfer form.

2. Sometimes International money transfers can take a very long time to process in Tibet, up to several weeks, due to an unusual number of official checks that the payment must go through. This is a process that we have no control over, unfortunately. While the payments do commonly get approved. Payments by PayPal go through much faster.
3. Once you have completed the payment at the bank, please email me the receipt for your bank transfer to help our accountant confirm your payment quicker.

Once we receive the tour deposit, we will issue a deposit invoice for you and the tour arrangement will carry accordingly.

Once you confirm the tour, you will receive the tour agreement/contract with all detailed information, but your booking is not confirmed until the payment is received by ExploreTibet. A confirmation email with the deposit invoice will be followed by your deposit receipt.

To secure your booking, we require 30% – 50% of the total tour cost (land cost) plus full airfare/train fare as a deposit when you reserve the tour. The final payment or tour balance should be paid clear at least two weeks before the tour starting date. ( the term is updated on March 15th. 2017 and valid from now)

Note: Several ATMs in Lhasa and Shigatse accept foreign cards. The Bank of China accepts Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express and. The Agricultural Bank accepts Visa, Plus, and Electron. Check before trying your card as many ATMs can only be used by domestic account holders. The maximum amount you can withdraw per transaction is Y2000 with the Bank of China and Y1000 with the Agricultural Bank.

Traveler’s cheques are safe to carry and can be exchanged the way you would exchange cash. However, the Bank of China, for example, charges a 0.75% commission to cash traveler’s cheques. In some cases, exchange rates for travelers’ cheques are a little better than cash so you will offset the fee. Cheques from major companies such as Thomas Cook, Citibank, American Express, and Bank of America are accepted.