Type: High-end Hotel
Number of Room: 289
Address: 19 Norbulingka Road, Lhasa, Tibet
Surroundings: Norbulinga Palace, Potala Palace
TEL: (86 891) 655 8888

Tashi Choeta Boutique Hotel was established in 2009, It has total of 33 rooms with four floors, and decorated with pure Tibetan household style . On the first floor, there are restaurants, commercial areas and individual exchange areas where guests from all over the world can enjoy authentic Tibetan food and cultural exchanges. The hall is dedicated to the Dupto Thangtha Galpo. The man who built first iron-wood bridge in Tibet and even today you can witness iron-wood craftsman who has successively maintained over 20 iron bridges on the Yarlung Tsangpo River, Lhasa River, Nianchu River and Qushui River. He is an embodiment of the creation, wisdom, and strength of the Tibetan people. . Tashi Choeta Boutique Hotel is a traditional Tibetan courtyard style building.

From the center of the hall, you can see the entire floor. The wooden railings on each floor has beautiful Tibetan paintings like the eight auspicious signs , decorated with various kinds of diamond masks and Tibetan-style colored curtains. Tashi Choeta Boutique Hotel has beautiful viewing platform at top floor which one can enjoy the panoramic view of Lhasa City including majestic view of Potala Palace and many of the monasteries golden pagoda.