Greatest Reformer in Tibetan Buddhism History–Tsongkhapa

Tibet is a mystical and famous but yet a remote, distant and a hard to reach place,but the long history and exotic religion allures more and more tourists every year.For those people who love historical figures,Tibet is a perfect getaway for them.Today,Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, today introduces a greatest reformer in Tibetan buddhism history–Tsongkhapa to you.


Tsongkhapa has long been recognized as the greatest reformer in Tibetan Buddhism history; and his teaching on madhyamaka philosophy isrepresentative of the Tibetan Buddhism Tsongkhapa is the Tibetan Buddhism Gelug sects founder, is the Tibetan Buddhism thought epitomizes, is also one of the most important characters in the Tibetan Buddhism history

Tsongkhhapa was born in Tsongkha , Amdo of 1357.Tsongkhhapa was not like an ordinary child.He never misbehaved,and was extremely intelligent and always desired to learn everything.The day after Tsongkhhapa’s birth, a senior monk sent his main disciple to the parents with gifts, a statue, and a letter.Thus,he instinctively engaged in bodhisattva type actions.He can take lay vows from the Fourth Karmapa, Rolpay-dorjey at the age of three.Soon after, his father invited a lama Dondrub-rinchen to their home to offer education to Tsongkhhap until he was seven.Tsongkhapa is a genius,he naturally knew how to read without needing to be taught just seeing the lama read. When he was sixteen,he went to Central Tibet to study further.In Central Tibet,he learned the Drigung mahamudra tradition.When he turned into seventeen,he became a skilled doctor.He is a humble man and he never satisfied with his learning.During his hard work,Tsongkhapa became a famous teacher of Tibetan Buddhism.Then he do some activities to form of the Geluk school. Tsongkhapa,He transmitted Buddha’s teachings in the major school.His main source of inspiration was the Kadampa tradition, the legacy of Atiśa.

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