Ganden – Samye Trek – Explore Tibet

A Rickety Bridge on the hike.

A Rickety Bridge on the hike.

The Tibet experience you are going to get from this particular trek is a fantasy for all the hikers around the world, it is challenging of course with over 80 km of hiking. Ganden – Samye Trek has all the motives and tasks to make a really good trekking route, it offers lakes, mountains, alpine landscapes, nomad sites, villages and high passes. The route connects two of the greatest monasteries in Tibet; Ganden Monastery and Samye Monastery,  has been a pilgrimage route for monks and devout pilgrims for over 100 years, it stays at an average elevation of 4,500 m and highest at 5,200 m which this trek one of the most famous in many others for tourists and holy for pilgrims.

The trek starts on the 4th day of your arrival in Lhasa, kicking it off at Ganden monastery, other agencies and groups stop at different places; be it villages or nomadic sites, so we have selected the best spots and places to camp to provide the best Tibet trekking experience. Your local Tibetan guide will not only do the explaining, but also other lot in helping to set up the camps and your Tibetan cook’s food is something you don’t want to miss.

Throughout the five days’ hike, there will be lot of moments where it will feel like everything is perfect as it is and even wish it to be a little longer. The trek is going to be extra cool, if the weather is clear, that’s why trekking in Tibet only belongs to the peak season; Late Spring, Summer and early Autumn. The sky will be dry and the air with a slow breeze.

About the Tibet Travel Permit, you will need an extra piece of paper; Alien’s Travel Permit (ATP), but Explore Tibet will apply for it. We have a few more trekking itineraries; 10 Days Tsurpo to Yangpache Nomadic Trekking, 13 Days Holy Lhamo Lhatso Trekking20 Days Spiritual Trekking Odyssey12 Days EBC Trekking17 Days Mt.Kailash Pilgrimage

Camping - Ganden Samye Trek

Camping – Ganden Samye Trek