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Train to Tibet

Train to Tibet are available daily from different cities in China mainland according to schedule.

Entering Tibet for tourists used to have much wider options than just choosing between a hard train ride or an expensive flight. Before a new or two, entering Tibet was quite easy and comfortable with choices of overland entry through many border passes.

The overland tour that starts in Zhangmu, Tibet-Nepal border, was especially convenient for those finishing their Nepal trip (and India) and moving on to China mainland after the Tibet tour. But the whole Zhangmu town and the Friendship Border Bridge has been closed since the Nepal earthquake on 25th April, 2015, and there isn’t any rumours of opening it again for another few years. Now, the only way to enter Tibet from Nepal is 3 weekly direct flights from Kathmandu, Nepal and daily indirect flights through Chengdu, Sichuan.

The entry from Chengdu and Shangri-La (Yunnan) through Kham parts of Tibet was an overland trip that no one should miss. The trip shows you the real Tibetan scenery that we have always imagined of Tibet, the open grasslands dotted with nomads and surrounded by sky-touching snow-capped mountain. But that too was closed due to political sensitivity of the area.

Now, the overland entries are all closed except the least chosen trips like entering from Xinjiang(North-West of Tibet) and from

A hostess serving guests

A hostess serving guests

Xining through Golmud, leaving the only choices to taking trains or flights to Tibet. The train tickets are really hard to get at times that some people take the hard seater ticket for more than 24 hours journey, but we at Explore Tibet, such misfortunes don’t happen at all, we provide our guests the comfort that we always promise. And the train rides are all accompanied by the endless wilderness of Kham, most of the train are back-aching long but always worthwhile. While, the flight tickets can be easier to book, but the price differs are lot about season of your travel and the city from where you are flying to Tibet. Explore Tibet has all the information regarding all the schedule and tickets. Itineraries for China Tibet train tour, 8 Days Chengdu-Lhasa Train tour8 Days Beijing-Lhasa Train Tour11 Days Beijing-Xian-Lhasa Train Tour.

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