Densa Chenmo Sum-Explore Tibet.


Tibet is a land of religion and you will encounter countless numbers of big and small monasteries every where in Tibet with very ancient historical background. one of the most popular monasteries are called Densa Chenmo Sum which included Drepung,Sera and Ganden and known as Gelukpa monasteries. In the early times there were around 10,000 monks studying in the institutions and sometime we called it as college also. The colleges known as tratsang were in turn made up of Kangtsan(residence).A monk joinning a monastic college was assigned to a Kangtsan according to the region in which he was born. Monks in Drepung loselling college were from Kham while Gomang college was dominated by monks from Amdo and Mongolia.Khenpo is the head of the collgee because he had completed the highest degrees of monastic studies. Monastic life is very simple and basic. They are oblige to follow monastic rules. Once they choose to be a monk they are mandatory to give up their families and everything.  

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