China Train Tickets and Tibet Train Tickets Booking New Policy for 2015.

Tibet Train tickets information and booking

China online train tickets booking system is developing gradually, but still the Tibet train tickets booking are very difficult issues for most of the travelers, because most of the Tibet train tickets are controlled by black market and need to pay high service fees to get the Tibet train tickets. So in order to resolve these difficulties of train ticket booking, China Railway Administration had released the new train tickets booking policies recently, the new policies were in operation from 3rd Dec 2014.

  1. The train tickets pre-sale period was extended from 15 days to 60 days, before the China train tickets can be bought within 15 days from the train departure dates, but now you can buy the China train tickets within 60 days from the train departure dates, ie. If you want to take a Tibet train on April 10th 2015, then the Tibet train tickets can be bought from Feb 10th
  2. No cancellation fee if the train tickets cancel before 15 days from the train departure date, so if your travel schedule is changed, then you can cancel the train tickets before 15 days without any cancellation fees, this policy gives more flexibility for travelers and reduce the travelers financial loss due to some sudden changes in their travel plan, moreover, this new policy encourage travelers to cancel their unused train tickets and give the ticket opportunity for other travelers.
  3. There are different cancellation fees for different timeline, If the ticket cancelled more than 48 hours in advance, then there is a 5% cancellation fee. If the ticket cancelled within 48 hours and more than 24 hours in advance, then there is a 10% cancellation fees. If the ticket cancelled within 24 hours from the train departure time, then there are a 20% of train ticket cancellation fees.

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