Understand Customs For A Better And Joyful Tour In Tibet-Explore Tibet.

Customs in Tibet is quite complicate as compare to other cities in China but it is never impossible. Foreigners these days are generally not subjected to more than perfunctory baggage checks both entering and leaving Tibet and China.Customs are the security purpose for all the parties so should be respect and consider for your own good. Fore most you need a complete and clear Visa and Travel permits from the respective authority in order to prevent any difficulties in the coming days of your tour. A complete Visa and Travel permits is like a key for the door to open and you can enjoy the every beats of Tibet. Tibet is politically very sensitive venue and for the benefits of both parties( tourist and the agent) it is a very clever decision not to touch this vulnerable issue for a joyful tour and holiday in Tibet.Tibet is politically very sensitive and Explore Tibet suggest all our customers should know the circumstances and never participate or interfere political issues during your stay in Tibet, if someone does, he/she is responsible to undertake any consequences adjudicate from law of People Republic of China. We are strongly advising our customers to avoid political matters. Be careful though to conceal anything that may be interpreted as” Harmful to the state security of the people’s Republic of China”.When you enter the country you will be asked to fill a form declaring whatever valuables( Cameras,tape recorders,watches) you are bringing in. The customs officials are quite strict about the checking this form when you leave the country to make sure you have not mislaid anything en route and we advise you to cooperate with the respective in-charge for a smooth outcome. You may have difficulty bringing out objects such as status,paintings and jewelry that were made before 1959 and are therefore classified as part of the ” Chinese Cultural Heritage”. Make sure to keep receipts from all purchases and be prepared to show them if necessary at any checking points.