Tibetan Mastiff-A Faithful And Loyal Company.

One of the best pet a human can have is dog. Dogs are mankind’s best friend. They are not only loyal and reliable but also witted, idealistic and courageous. They won’t take revenges for treating them bad or they won’t complaint you for anything rather they will always stick around you like a friend. They help you when you are in danger. Why people keep dogs in their house is mainly for security purpose and dogs are the most faithful and attentive guard for you. They are not merely a pet if you love this creature enough. They will love you like their child and they provide parenting care when you have no one around. They will always listen to you and hear your voice and never tired of you. Tibetan have this unique and most beautiful dog called “Tibetan Mastiff” and this is one of the most handsome dog on the planet and many people around the world would love to raise Tibetan Mastiff but due to their own physical characteristic or requirements they failed to survive in other parts of the world except in cold and high plateau. They are plateau dogs so they can only survive on plateau without any health problems or issues.The main reason why Tibetan people raise this dog is for security purpose or protection reason. They are as huge as lions and some dogs are even larger and huger than lion. Tibetan nomad normally raise this dog because they keeping moving to better grasslands areas for their livestock so they many times would encounter wolfs or wild animals to attract their live-stocks.  In order to protect their live-stocks, Nomad raise Tibetan Mastiff dogs. I would suggest you to be very caution with the Tibetan dogs. They are larger than lions sometime so beware of them.