As soon as you step onto this mysterious land, you will not only be immediately attracted by the snow-clad peaks, the wonderful rivers but also the brilliant Tibetan culture the highland.You will notice some women usually wear a colorful apron-like skirt over their outfit and some colorful door curtains hang above the windows and doors in Tibetan houses.Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency,today introduces a this colorful decorations of Tibetan architecture for you.

Tibet Door Curtains

In most Tibetan families,the wooden parts around the doors and windows were painted in black color but they use other colors of nature to decorate the doors and windows.In Tibet highland,the sunlight is very powerful,and winds and dust are very strong which will give severe damage to the decorations. So Tibetans will use curtain-like cloth over the doors and windows.
The exterior curtains is traditionally made of Pulu,a traditional Tibetan wool fabric, which are famous for its fine texture and resplendent patterns.So Tibetans like to use it to make curtains.
Most Tibetans are religious people and they are rich in religious life. They religious culture even reflected in this home decoration items. There are some symbols or totems on the curtains such as Umbrella,Golden Fish,Treasure Vase, Lotus,endless Knot and so on.These symbols represent goodwill and their hope for good life
Do you like this genuine handcrafted Tibetan door curtain?How to keep the beauty, the simplicity, the holiness, and the mystery of Tibet in mind after returning home? Tibet door curtains is a really good tourism souvenir in your Tibet tour.