When you get close to Tibet in the warm sunlight, you will be excited to find that besides the snowfields and extending deserts, there are really lots of tall and straight trees.Explore Tibet Team,a professional Tibet travel agency, introduces one kind of Tibet beautiful, enchanting flower- Juniperus tibetica to you.

Tall and straight Juniperus Tibetica

Juniperus tibetica is one kind of evergreen tall tree,or small to medium-sized tree,which can grow into 5 to 20 meters tall, with a trunk up to 2 meters diameter.It is usually monoecious and it sheds their pollen in spring.It belongs to juniper family,which originally lives in Gansu province of western China,southeastern of Qinghai,Sichuan, and Tibet province,at altitudes of 2,600–4,800 meters.It grows very slowly in the harsh climatic conditions in Tibet,but it is the only woody plant exist in so large areas of Tibet.The leaves has two forms,and young juniperus tibetica has needle-like leaves.

The wood of Juniperus tibetica is very valuable.It is very important,because the local communities treat it as building construction and fuel.Besides,it can be burnt for incense.Some domestic goats and other livestock feed on it.It is nature in cold,and taste a little bit cold,it can cool blood and stop bleeding,and it can give out pleasant aroma,which can clear the air.Besides,it also has heat-clearing and detoxifying effect and help the spirit of relaxation.At the same time, it can kill bugs.
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