Tibetan medicine,as one of the oldest medical traditions in the world, has been evolving for nearly 3,000 years.Tibetan medicines are rich in its resources and types. According to statistics shows, China has nearly 3000 types of Tibetan medicines.There are some well-known Tibetan medicine, such as red-spotted stonecrop, Chinese caterpillar fungus and conic gymnadenia tuber.Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency,today introduces one of native Tibetan herb-gymnadnia conopsear broyn to you.

Gymnadnia Conopsear Broyn

In particular, the gymnadnia conopsear broyn, also named as rhizome of conic gymnadenia. The reason why it gets the name is that it just looks like a human’s palm.
(In Chinese, its name is “Shouzhang Shen”, which means a palm-looking ginseng).It is one of the most popular energy boosters which originates in ancient Tibet medicine.In Asia it is common in areas to the north of the Himalayas.It lives in some hillside forests, grassland,mountain meadows,pastures,grassland and fens,where the altitude can reach 265 m to 4700 m altitude.So it is very valuable.
Gymnadnia conopsear broyn could treat many problems, from fatigue and stress to asthma and cancer.It is well-known to have energy boosting properties.Tibetan people believe that it can bring long life, strength, and wisdom.Besides,it can help the body better cope with mental or physical stress.You can see the curative effect while you continue to take it.The root is most often available in dried form, either whole or sliced.It was often combined with other herbs,such as Chinese angelica,astragalus.Besides,it can boost the immune system, which might help the body fight off infection and disease.
has the health functions of invigorating kidney, benefiting life essence and nourishing blood.
Gymnadnia conopsear broyn as a traditional Chinese medicine,is a very rare medication in Tibet area.The benefit of travelling to Tibet goes far beyond the spiritual plane, it can actually be medicinal. Discover new, enriching trips with in-depth, authentic Tibetan experiences with Explore Tibet Team.