Daklha Gampo Monastery-Tibet.

A young man Gampopa or Dakpo Lhaje (1079-1153) was trained as a doctor. His young wife died when he was twenty causing him to reflect deeply on the purpose of human life. Six years later he was ordained as a monk in the Kadampa tradition of Atish and devoted himself to the study of Buddhism. At the age of thirty -two,having heard of the great yogi Milarepa,he sought him out and received instruction from him in tantric meditation. Ten years later,in 1121,he founded Daklha Gampo. He combined  his understanding of Kadampa doctrine and the Mahamudra teachings of milarepa in his famous study of the Buddhism path. Daklha Gampo never reached the eminence of the great Kagyu monasteries of Tsurpu,Talung and Drigung. In the early eighteenth century it suffered from the ravages of the Dzungars. It was completely destroyed during the cultural revolution.