Tibet is mystical and famous but yet a remote, distant and a hard to reach place, and the Tibetan plateau is a quarter of China. But this challenging place is the home to animals, no matter small spirits or large creatures. Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, and today introduce a Tibet animal- Pika to you.

Cold-Adaptive Pika

The pika is a cousin to the rabbit, but it is looking much more like a hamster or mouse. Pika is native to cold regions at either high altitudes or high latitudes, mostly in mountain sides of Asia, North America, and parts of Eastern Europe. Pika has a maximum distribution in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.
The pika is a small mammal, with short limbs, rounded ears, shining eyes, and no external tail, and a fan of whiskers. The body length of it is about 15 to 23 centimetres and the weigh is between 120 and 350 grams according to different species. Like rabbits, after eating they initially produce soft green feces, which they eat again to take in further nutrition, before producing the final, solid, fecal pellets. When the pika is singing a song to attract a mate, it is the most notably time at his cutest.
The pika mainly feed on eating and gathering grass, and digging burrows for its family.Some Zoologists said that please release pika for the sake of large grass plains. Because the pika’s constant excavations aerate the soil, which helps the plants to grow.
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