Viewed against the blue sky, white clouds and the shimmering white of the Snow Mountains and glaciers, you will also see a flock of Cashmere goats are wondering around the grassland. Cashmere goat is a kind of goat lives in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, and today introduces a Tibet animal- cashmere goat to you.

Cashmere Goats

Over 95% of the cashmere goats are distributed in dry areas, mainly in arid, semiarid and desert area of Tibet. Cashmere goats are generally larger than Angoras. They can grow big enough tobe kept with sheep and cattle. Cashmere goats are full of treasures such as their milk, meat, hair, and skins. It is a breed of goat which can produce cashmere wool. The cashmere wool is fine, soft, and downy. Some farmers comb their cashmere goats to remove the hair. This undercoat grows is shorten and the outer coat of coarse hair is present all the year, so coarse hair is also called guard hair.
Cashmere goats are usually larger than Angoras. Cashmere plays an important part in China’s high-grade wool textiles and it is a major foreign exchange-earning export item in our country. For herdsman, Cashmere goats are also play an important source of their income of the herdsman. Cashmere is valued for its softness and warmth without much weight.
Cashmere wool is defined by the high quality and softness of the fiber. This goat was first found by a Persian called Ali el hamdani in region of Kashmir in the 14th century, so the word cashmere is original from an old spelling of Kashmir
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