Butter Lamp Festival In Tibet During Winter-Explore Tibet.

You don’t have any exotic plan for this winter! Time is money and time wait for none.Would you prefer to wrap yourself in your house for this winter? No! Definitely a boring plan. Come out and discover. There are innumerable things you can carry out in your leisure period, travelling around the world is one of the most worthy experience. Visit places where there are many impressive things which you will never encounter until you explore. Take step at a time. Every country have their own unique and mesmerizing treasures. Tibet even has her own unique characteristics. First thing comes on people’s mind about Tibet during winter is “cold and dry” yet she has her own beauty. Visiting mighty Everest, mighty Mt Kailash and Holy Lakes are little bit challenging for the tourist because of her harsh weather in winter but you can still visit the heart of the Tibet or visiting few auspicious  festivals in Tibet. Don’t wrapped up your hands in your pockets and do the things which you do every single day.One of the popular festival in Tibet is Butter Lamp Festival which falls in winter and on that specific day people go to temples to offer incense to worship Buddhas and Specially you will get chance to attend the mass gathering of local Tibetans in the Bakhor street and around the Jokhang temple to mourning the death anniversary of the great Tibetan scholar Tsongka pa the 15th century, butter lamps all around the temples and local houses, locals marching in long queues and mumbling the mantras. This is a special opportunity to experience Tibet from a different way but authentic. If you are looking to experience local Tibetan culture in a short period of time then visit Tibet in winter and we will make your dream come true.