The exotic Tibet food, a construction that food lovers will travel miles to enjoy.Explore Tibet Team,a professional Tibet travel agency,today introduces a traditional Tibetan biscuit-Khapse to you.

A Tibetan Biscuit- Khapse

For Tibetan people,Khapse is a delicious snack that is traditionally prepared at home during the Tibetan New Year or Losar.The light yellow color of Khapse is deeply loved by Tibetans especially children.Commonly,khapse is offered at Losar as well as some other special occasions,such as Tibetan weddings and birthday party.

The khapse is usually made from a deep fried dough.The dough is made with flour, eggs, butter and sugar,which can shape into different shapes and sizes,from huge ones in the shape of a donkey ear to the no-name little bite-sized diamonds of fried dough.But the most common shape of khapse is the rectangular and there are more elaborate shapes such as sugar frosted circular patterned discs and so on.The favor of khapse is also various.But the most common favor are ,no matter it is sweet or salty, the light yellow color of khapse will make you run at the mouth.

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