Tibetan medicine, as an important part of the Chinese medical tradition, famed as the “treasure of the snowy land”, has been evolving for nearly 3,000 years. Precious Tibetan medicine 70-flavor pearl pill is famous tradition Tibetan medicine, and it is reputed to be “a medicine that can raise the dead.” .Explore Tibet Team, a professional Tibet travel agency, today introduces it to you.

70-flavor Pearl Pill

70-flavor pearl pill is made of a mixture of coral, mother-of-pearl, carnelian, licorice agate, saffron, musk, sandalwood, dalbergia, cloves, emblica officinalis and other rare natural Tibetan medicinal materials. It is based on the classical prescription of Pearl 25, which initially was recorded in “Four Tandara”(a monumental Tibetan medical text). Its large dose mineral medicine even though is ignored by modern medical science, but the good healing effect and function are not be deny.
It has significant clinic effects to treat such diseases as high blood pressure, cerebral concussions, neurasthenia, hemicranias, falling sickness, paralysis, and dizziness. It is thought to be especially outstanding as a treatment for cerebral diseases and brain concussion, cerebral disorders.
As for the dose, you can take one pill every 3-7 days. For treating chronic disorders, soak one pill in water, and consume it the next early morning, one pill. But as to treat other disease, you just need to swallow it.
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