A Buddhist life

Being born in a society where religion helps a child by birth and every child grow in such an environment usually turns into a human being with compassion and mercy in their nature. By birth parents request names for a baby from the local lama or other lamas in different areas. It is totally dependent on whom parents solely believe from their heart. Then depending on the name, date of birth, month, year, and zodiac sign Tibetans get different kinds of prayers to make from family or from monasteries/temples/nunneries. With such a vast donation from mentally, Tibetans grow in such a society and at the same time, parents always try to share moral advice with the region which is Buddhism. You can learn when you do a Tibet trip.

Tibetan Buddhist Praying for the peace.

Almost all kids, know how to respect elders including strangers and outsiders, respect other people no matter what religion they practice, and most importantly how to protect the environment not because Tibetans are well educated with science but it’s all because there are many scientific theories which were preached by lamas to all parents while giving lectures, preaching Buddhist scriptures and prayers as well. Hence, Tibetans are so innocent as they always follow the prefect path that was shown by the great Buddha and living Buddhas (almost all lamas). By birth, essential steps to protect nature, the environment, and all living beings are well educated by religion. Such unique experiences will easily explore if you do a short Tibet tour.

At every teenager’s period, all voluntarily love to do a pilgrimage to different monasteries, temples, nunneries, and palaces to understand the culture, spiritual, and histories of Buddhism and Buddhist places. No one will push such teenagers to do such activities, every teenager willingly does pilgrimage and even full-body prostration at Buddhist centers including mount Kailash pilgrimage. Some people even do not believe if we say some prostrations take a month to finish one round but it is the fact and they do with all concentration and belief. Selfish is not natural in Tibetan regions as in Buddhism “others come first and then yourself at the second”. That is the theme of Buddhism and everyone prays for all living things including human beings, animals, and all living things at a large.

Tibetan Buddhism master teaches Buddhist text to his disciple.

Due to such rich education originated from Buddhism, all Tibetans are usually shy in nature, friendly, trusting nature and always happy to share a helping whoever needs help. With such positive nature, every Tibetan area is so peaceful lands with a harmonious environment, friendly animals with humanity, and sluggish nature to do things and works as well. Even with religion, people do exercises without knowing it is helping to keep the body fit and healthy. Centuries back, Tibetans don’t know what is exercise but with religion, they keep doing religious activities like walking (Tibetans call it kora which means circumambulating around holy religious places including temples, monasteries, nunneries, palaces, lakes, and even mountains). Tibetan Buddhists tie prayer flags on top of hills, mountains, riversides and no one will ruin or damage such places, but they do prayers instead. Tibetans donate domestic animals as “life-freed animals” to Buddhist centers and no one will kill such freed animals, but they feed and do prayers and recite mantras. Tibetans never throw rubbish everywhere around but to keep such areas clean and untouched and make it as natural as possible.

Bakhor Street in Lhasa

Every religion has its own philosophy, morals, and advice. Likewise, Buddhism is something special educational tool in Tibet that people gain a lot of positive theories and enforce in daily life. After all, Buddhism encompasses a variety of traditions, beliefs, and spiritual practices largely based on original teachings attributed to the Buddha and resulting interpreted philosophies. As a result, no one is dared to harm other animals, insects, humans, and even the environment. Choose the best time to travel to Tibet and learn with your own naked eyes.

Apart from religious centers, Buddhism also helps a lot in real life, Tibetans can say there is no need for psychology doctors and consulting services. As people never think too bad for a particular issue or incident, Tibetans always say “it’s all arranged from karma” or if something bad happens, it says “one small bad luck always carry one huge bad luck in the coming days”. So, with such an attitude, almost all people do not feel so depressed, secular, unsocial, and companionless when they face such life breaking difficulties, incidents, and results.

butter lamp offerings

In a nutshell, Buddhism is not only taught in monasteries, temples, nunneries in Tibet, it educated in every family in Tibet. Every child learns from childhood and then also enforces such good ways in their daily life.

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