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20130926-P2 Olga 20130926-P2 Olga

Name: Olga 2Pax

Country: Russia

Itinerary: 11 days spiritual tour

Everything moves in this world, ants, clouds, stars and galaxies. Movement is the essence of life. When youll go on a trip, you will always learn something new not only about the cities and countries, youll know also something about yourself...
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20130801-P3 Merry 20130801-P3 Merry

Name: Merry 3Pax

Country: Indonesia

Itinerary: 6 days cultural tour

Will arrangement. We had a great days during this trip. Thank you for hospitality. Nationality: Indonisia...
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20130623-P2 Suzanne 20130623-P2 Suzanne

Name: Suzanne 2Pax

Country: Canada

Itinerary: 4 days Lhasa highlight

Before we arrived, we didnt know what to expect arrive Tibet is not a well-travelled destination. Our guide was incredibly helpful in giving us everything from in depth histories of the monasteries to shopping tips at the bazaar to an oxygen...
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20131126-P2 Francis 20131126-P2 Francis

Name: Francis 2Pax

Country: Canada

Itinerary: 11 days overland tour to Nepal

In general, we enjoyed our trip. But we are wondering why we didnt stay at almost all of the hotels specified in the contract. Maybe it will be better to make it clear before the departure, how it works, for the choice of lodging. On the oth...
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20131102-P1 Nelson R 20131102-P1 Nelson R

Name: Nelson R 1Pax

Country: Venezuela

Itinerary: 5 days holy Lhasa tour

The overall experiences have been fantastic, from enquiring information, getting the trip setup, visa+Tbiet permit, meeting at airport etc. The itinerary was flexible enough to accommodate my needs. The palace+monasteries+natural outdoors ar...
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20131017-P2 Darren H 20131017-P2 Darren H

Name: Darren Hass 2Pax

Country: Canada

Itinerary: 9 days overland tour to Nepal via Namtso lake

Enjoyed Tashis enthusiasm and explanation. Guide went out of his way to help with extra requests. Always patient and understanding. Excellent guide. Enjoyed the stops at the various monasteries including Drak Yerpa and Deprug and walk with p...
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David Hawthorne Travel Feedback David Hawthorne Travel F




WOW!! What a tour. The 2 nd part of the tour had to be drastically changed, this was done with (what seemed to me us without effort or hassle) professionalism, quick response and obviously with clients interest in mind. The changes were abs...
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Yvonne Marcia Travel Feedback Yvonne Marcia Travel Fee




I have enjoyed the different culture of the area visited and Explore Tibet agency have really gone out of their way to made this a deep to remembered. I wish them all the best for their future group tours Yvonne Marcia (Australian). Travelle...
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20130414ET-P8 Sue Cullen 20130414ET-P8 Sue Cullen




Very satisfied! And grateful Thank you for your kindness, your pleasant company, your help and your knowledge. It was so nice to see you and Kate again and meet your beautiful little daughter. I am grateful for all the extra effort you made after our...
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