Tibet Train FAQs
How do I pack for the train ride and what should I bring?
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The train ride to Tibet from mainland China range anywhere from 24 – 50 hrs. It is not a short trip and you will need to pack properly in order to fully enjoy the train ride and scenery along the way. We suggest you pack all of your unnecessary items in a larger bag and put all necessary items in a smaller, handy bag that you can access easily. Here is a brief packing list for your smaller bag:
1.         Slippers
2.         Toiletries
3.         Mug or cup for boiled water
4.         Flash light (train cabin lights go out at 10pm)
5.         Snacks and cookies
6.         Ear plugs and eye mask
7.         Toothpaste and toothbrush

What is the train ticket cancellation policy?
2017-12-27|admin| 95

More than 15 days before departure date: free
More than 48 hours, less than 15 days: 5%
More than 24 hours, less than 28 hours: 10%
Within 24 hours: 20%
That’s for the original ticket price, but usually tour agency charges service fee too, and it’s not refundable.
Note: Train tickets to Lhasa can't be cancelled/changed directly online by tour agencies, therefore, travelers need to take the original passports to any train station in China to cancel/change by themselves.

Is taking train to Tibet reduce the risk of getting AMS by allowing me to acclimatize along the route?
2017-12-27|admin| 105
It remains a question for many travelers whether taking the train to Tibet helps with Altitude sickness or not, but many experts says that taking the train doesn’t really provide that much help since the train itself is well designed and pressurized to prevent altitude sickness in its passengers. Moreover, many passengers have trouble sleeping on the train and will be very tired when they arrive in Lhasa, which will increase the risk of getting altitude sickness. The best way to prevent the Altitude sickness is to spend at least 2 days in Lhasa doing mild activities before heading to higher altitude places.
Can I book the Tibet train tickets myself?
2017-12-27|admin| 170

Yes, you can book your train tickets to and from Lhasa (Tibet) on some online ticket booking website such as Qunaer.com or Ctrip.com used quite often in China, the third party website may charge some service fee.

In fact, teh official train ticket booking website is www.12306.cn, but it requires a Chinese ID card to register an account, then you can book on it, if you have Chinese friends or relatives, they can help you book the tickets too, currently the official train ticket booking website is only available in Chinese language and accepts only Chinese bank card.

Note: All the train tickets to and from Tibet start to sell 30 days before the departure date, its better for you to prepare booking the ticket on the 1st selling date, so you have bigger chance to get it. If you are failed on the first day then either keep checking in the next few days or require your agency to help book the tickets. Late booking may not able to get the ticket.

What are the risks if I try to book my own train tickets during the high season?
2013-01-24|admin| 158
We should always book train tickets from the ticket dealers in advance. If you would like to book your own ticket, then we wont’ book your ticket for you and you will have to get in line at the train ticket counter to purchase them. It is very common that all the train tickets are sold out before they even begin to be sold from the ticket counter. In this care, we will try to purchase the tickets for you but because of the late booking, there might be an expensive surcharge.
When should I arrive at the train station?
2013-01-24|admin| 121
For the most part, trains depart on time and you are advised to arrive at the train station 2 hours before your departure time. You will need to fill out a health record form prior to departing and there are often many people in line so it may take some time to check into the train.
Can I take a shower on the train?
2013-01-24|admin| 116
There are no showers on the train so you will have to wait to until you get to Lhasa.


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