Tibet Flight FAQs
How far is Lhasa Airport from the city?
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Lhasa airport is 68km southwest of Lhasa and takes about a one and a half hour drive upstream from Lhasa River. The Lhasa airport highway has been recently renovated.

What is the flight fare for kids?
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For domestic flights in China, kids from ages 2 to 12(exclude 12) cost 50% of the adult flight fare. For International flights, kid’s tickets cost 75% of the adult fare. Infants under 2 years cost 10% of the adult fare but are not allowed to occupy a separate seat.

Can I fly to other parts of Tibet rather than Lhasa?
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In TAR, there are five airports in different regions that include: Lhasa Gonga Airport, Chamdo Bangda Airport, Linzhi (Nyintri) Airport, Shigatse Airport and Ali Airport. Shigatse and Ali airports were opened in 2010.

There are flights from Chengdu to Nyintri, Shigatse and Chamdo, and Ali airport have a limited flights only to/from Lhasa.

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What is the China domestic flight luggage weight allowance?
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Luggage type

First Class

Business Class

Economy Class

Baggage size

Carry-on baggage

5kg * 2 pieces




Checked-in baggage





The checked-in baggage allowance for all First Class passengers is 40kg; Business Class is 30kg, and Economy Class is 20kg. Passengers traveling with infants are allowed to check an additional 10kg.
Groups can combine their baggage allowances if they check their baggage on the same flight.
The maximum carry-on baggage allowance is 5kg. First class passengers can have 2 pieces of carry-on luggage but passengers in other classes can have only one. The size may not exceed 55x20x40cm.
Passengers with carry-on baggage in excess of the above limits will have to check their bags and will be charged an extra baggage fee.

Can I fly directly to Tibet from my home country?
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No, there is only one international flight to Tibet, which is from Nepal. You should fly to any city in Mainland China where you can acquire your Tibet Travel Permit and then fly to Tibet.

When I can get discounted flight tickets?
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Discounted flight tickets to Tibet are available from many different airlines during the low season, which is from November to March. It is very rare to find discounted tickets during the rest of the year, but you can always double- check with us when confirming your tour.

How can I receive my flight tickets if I booked them with you?
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We usually book e-tickets so you won’t need to get any paper tickets from us. We will send you the detailed flight information when we book your ticket and you can get the boarding pass from the airport by providing your flight information and passport.

What documents are needed to board a flight to Tibet?
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If you are flying into Tibet from Mainland China, then you should have the original Tibet Travel Permit with you. We will mail the permit to your hotel in China before you fly into Tibet. If you fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa, you will need a Tibet Group Visa, which we will help you obtain it.
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