Food & Lodging FAQs
What are tent guesthouses like in Tibet?
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Tent guesthouses are available at EBC (Everest Base Camp). They are rectangular, black tents made of Yak wool with a few beds (2-5 beds). All beds are covered with Tibetan carpets and can be used as bench seating during the day. There are also small tables inside. In the middle, there is a Tibetan-style stove that keeps the whole tent warm by burning cow dung and wooden blocks. Solar cells are the only source of electricity and it is very hard to find a place to charge your electronic devices. At Namtso Tashi Do Peninsula, there are both tent guesthouses and cardboard guesthouses are available for your option, so far both are clean but cardboard guesthouse is recommended as it is much silent at the windy night.

Do hotels have hot water for showers 24 hours a day?
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You will be able to get a hot shower at most hotels from April to Oct., but some hotels may have poorer shower conditions due to a weak heating facility and water pressure. We try our best to use selected hotels that have better shower and service standards from Nov. to Mar. (almost the winter season so less tourists due to cold weather). Therefore, most of the hotels don’t have hot showers and even some guesthouses in remote villages don’t have running water.

What are the differences between standard hotels and budget guesthouses?
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The major differences between hotels and budget guesthouses are that hotels are generally cleaner, have better services, private bathrooms, comfortable beds and furniture and include breakfast. Some high-end hotels provide free internet access and phone calls as well, but these hotels are only available in cities like Lhasa, Shigatse, etc.
What are the hotels like in Tibet?
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In recent years, due to the rapid development of the tourism industry in Tibet, the number of hotels and hostels has increased. The services in Tibet are still under Western standards but hotel owners are trying their best to meet their customer’s needs. In major cities, there are clean hotels with some English speaking staff available but in some remote areas, like EBC, there are only guesthouses available and squat toilets are hard to find.

What kinds of food I can get during the trekking days?
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During the trekking in TibetYes, all our guides are local and know the restaurants well. They will show you which places to eat and will stop at restaurant where you can find good food when driving outside of Lhasa.

Will our guide show us where to eat?
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Yes, all our guides are local and know the restaurants well. They will show you which places to eat and will stop at restaurant where you can find good food when driving outside of Lhasa.

What is the approximate cost of a meal in Tibet?
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The cost of food is different in each region of Tibet. In the cities, it will generally cost about RMB 50-90 or USD 10-15 per day for lunch and dinner. Outside of cities or in towns along the road, it should cost about RMB 30-60 or USD 5-10 per day.

What kinds of food can I find at Mt Everest Base Camp?
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At EBC, there is no special restaurant and all the tent guesthouses have their own kitchen. They serve noodles, fried rice and some simple dishes to order. For breakfast, they can make pancakes and omelets. You can also get a cup of instant coffee at a higher cost.
What are the meal options in Tibet?
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In cities like Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse, Nyintri, Tsedang and Zhangmu, you can easily find clean restaurants that serve continental, western, Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan and Chinese dishes. Chinese Cuisine and noodle restaurants can always be easily found even in small towns during your trip.

I am a Vegetarian, will I have a problem finding meals in Tibet?
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Buddhism is strongly practiced in Tibet so many Tibetans prefer to be vegetarian. You can find good vegetarian restaurants in cities like Lhasa and Shigatse. In small towns and villages, you can order vegetable noodles or dishes at local restaurants.

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