Shigatse Weather and Climate
Shigatse, the capital of Tsang province (western Tibet), is 380km west of Lhasa via Gyantse through the southern friendship highway and 280km west of Lhasa via the northern friendship highway along the river. 
For centureis tension has existed between Lhasa, the capital of U (central Tibet), and Shigatse, the capital of Tsang (wetern Tibet). After the collapse of the Pamotrupa dynasty in 1418, the center of political power in Tibet shifted from teh Yarlung Valley region to Tsang, first to Rinpung (east of Shigatse) and then, in 1565, to shigatse itself (at that time called Samdrup Tse). 
The town became the base of the powerful king of Tsang, who, allied with the Karmapas at Tsurpu monastery, sought to gain control over the whole Tibet. In 1610 the King's authority was tenuously extended by the powerful Geluk school and their patrons. The conflict culminated in 1642 in the defeat of the Tsang king by the principal Geluk patron, the Mongol Gushri Khan, and the enthronement of the Fifth Dalai Lama in the vanquished king's capital.

Weather and climate in Shigatse usually varies from summer to winter season smoothly. The winter are quite harsh and dry. But from spring to autumn it is quite moderate weather. The all the details of weather and climate index of Shigatse are given below.

Humidity index in Shigatse

TAG: Shigatse Weather and Climate weather and Climate in Tibet
TAG: Shigatse Weather and Climate weather and Climate in Tibet
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